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The Golden Rule Through The Lemurs of Madagascar

We shall look at the lemurs of Madagascar to help us learn
more about the importance of the Golden Rule. Lemurs are
small primates, like monkeys but smaller, and have many
characteristics like human beings. The name lemur means
roving spirit, which is akin to the animal’s character of roving
the forests from tree to tree in full happiness. These
gorgeous animals are found only on the island of Madagascar,
which is located on the southeastern side of Africa. The only
other place one can see lemurs is at the zoo. Like human
beings that are of many races, lemurs come in many different
species. Similarly, they live in extended families, just like
humans live with their family. Below, we explore several ways
that lemurs can help us learn and apply the Golden Rule in
our day-to-day lives.


The Golden Rule for You and Me

Many parents and grandparents are seeking guidance and ideas on how to help their children understand and incorporate the Golden Rule into their daily lives.  It's about our treatment in words and deeds of our family members, friends, neighbors—and strangers, regardless of their age or sex, position in life, color or creed.  This age-old saying still is very relevant today: Do unto others... .

     The Golden Rule in the Bible teaches us the importance of treating others as we want to be treated. This rule helps children become more aware of others’ feelings and, consequently, to do their best to not hurt them. Rewards gained from applying the Golden Rule are so great that we become magnets that attract goodwill and friendship from others. The Golden Rule is a great starting point; however, later as these children grow, they may find that it wiser to incorporate some aspects of the Platinum Rule. This will be one of the many decisions that will confront them—and they might need your guidance and insights.

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